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Open letter
First and foremost I would like to thank this life for giving me the opportunity to build this world from small and simple things.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As a father of two playful children, like many other fathers, I’ve always loved my kids and I always want the best for them.  I always want to buy them many toys and let them play until satisfaction. But no matter how many toys I’ve bought them, it doesn’t seem enough.  The problem is kids can quickly get bored of the toys and a few days later they would want new toys -- more expensive and more sparkle, and at the end, all of the toys that I got them end up being thrown in the corner.
The industrial revolution and the advance in information and technology made all of us more dependent on machine, children are very similar to us, they like battery powered toys with flashy light.  When I look at my kids playing, I’ve asked myself why I can’t bring them a peaceful childhood, full of wonders, folklores and toys that are made from trees, leaves or even clay.
With the advantage of having an established woodshop, I started to create several wooden toys for my kids.  One thing that I’m extremely surprised of is how my children were very excited about the simple toys that I made for them.
While observing my kids playing with the toys I made for them, I noticed my older son talk a lot more and he appeared more intelligent; he figured out how to assemble and play the toys with his unique ways.  My younger son on the other hand is more observable; he paid attention to details and have good memory.  The thing that surprised me the most is how my two years old son could learn the alphabets by playing with the ABC lettering toys that I made for him.
I started to pay more attention on creating smart toys for my kids.  The toys that I made for my kids got more difficult and more challenge as the kids grew.   I don’t simply want to create toys solely for playing purpose but rather I want to use toys to encourage my kids to learn and discover their own world.
I have gifted some of the toys to my friends’ children.  These kids appeared to really like the products that I gave them.  I thought to myself, ‘’Why don’t I make mass production of these wooden toys and sell them nationwide? ‘’ I’ve seen a lot of toys being sold nowadays are only made for entertaining purposes, many of them did not go through approval process, they are not safe for kids and worse comes to worth some of the toys could end up having negative impact on the children mentality.  My partners and I have been driven and motivated by the need of making smart toys for children.  We wish to produce wooden toys that are made for educational purpose and at the same time still give the kids plenty of fun to play with.
I want to thank my kids for giving me the passion to create a magical world.  I want to thank all the children in the world for giving a father like myself the chance to understand the utmost important thing: “Children are the future of the world”.
The happiness of a father is when he sees his children grow up and become whole.
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