Tottosi factory with large production capacity, we also process OEM product of safe and high quality wooden furniture, household, kitchenware, wooden toys.

Our Tottosi wooden toy products are manufactured by specialized machinery with CNC technology, using refined natural woods to ensure compliance with safety and health standards for children. as well as product durability.
For children's wooden toy products with paint, our factory uses water-based paints that are safe and of international export quality.
With many years of experience in manufacturing wooden children's toys, we have perfected the process, trained a team of highly skilled and qualified workers to process and produce wooden toy products with high quality. High complexity and sophistication, meeting the diverse needs of wholesale customers of children's toys.
We accept to process all or part of children's toy products at your request. As long as you send the design, or product image, we can process and produce finished products for you.
Highlights in the service of processing wooden toys
- Safe materials for children's health.
- Exquisite design, avoid causing injury to children.
- Various models and designs.
- Good price.
- Delivery to customers.
OEM factory Tottosi
The Partner such as
- Korean Lock & Lock
- Japanese Komeri
- America's Foundation Decor
- Trung Nguyen coffee
- Viethand
OEM tottosi
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