Sales policy


Currently, Tottosi Co., Ltd. is looking for a sales collaborator in the form of introducing people to buy goods through Tottosi's e-commerce website.
No need to invest capital as well as any expenses, you can still increase your monthly income by referring customers to the company.

Benefits of being a Sales Associate (CTV) for Tottosi:

  • Enjoy sales commission through the specified percentage according to the program's policy.
  • Supported with sales knowledge, product knowledge, documents, product catalogs, techniques, solutions,....
  • To be provided with information about prices, information about products, policies, related promotions;
  • Proactive in time, can sell on any media or anywhere.

Tottosi Co., Ltd. was established by the board of directors and professional staff with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing wooden products and wooden children's toys. Tottosi's wooden children's toy products are manufactured according to a strict process to ensure quality, safety, accurate research on education, and have been certified by the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality. in accordance with the National Technical Regulations (QCVN 3:2009/BKHCN) and are exported and sold in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.
You will feel secure when selling for the Tottosi brand and will certainly have more regular income along with a transparent cooperation policy.

Description of financial benefits:

  • Regular sales associate level: Enjoy 20% order discount when you order through code CTV
  • Citizen level: Enjoy 20% order discount + other additional programs for citizens according to each season

(Citizen level guarantees the standards set by Tottosi and maintains these standards for a period of 6 months)


  • The collaborators involved in the sale of goods have Vietnamese nationality and have full civil act capacity.
  • Having a system of potential customers and being able to exploit this customer system.
  • Priority will be given to collaborators who are teachers, lecturers, employees working in the field of education and training, students at educational training institutions....
  • Collaborators are responsible for their business behavior before the law.


  • CTV actively promotes the brand, marketing products, searching and exploiting potential customers;
  • Use the correct information that the company has provided to advise customers. Not to advise against the policy issued by the company, or promise anything beyond the ability or not true in relation to the products and services provided by the company;
  • It is strictly forbidden for collaborators to take advantage of the Company's name to commit illegal acts or acts that may adversely affect the Company's reputation and brand.
  • Use images and content provided by Tottosi Co., Ltd. for business purposes.
  • There is no act that affects the image and brand of Tottosi Co., Ltd.
  • Selling products at the price provided by Tottosi Co., Ltd. Any form of discount or sale at the wrong price will not be accepted.
  • Declare personal income tax if any.


  • Ensure the legitimacy of the goods provided by Tottosi, the goods of the announced quality.
  • Provide a full range of facilities, goods information, knowledge training for collaborators to serve sales work.
  • Paying commissions and discounts to collaborators monthly according to sales results.
  • In case the monthly discount commission is less than 100,000 VND, the collaborator will be received in the next business month.
  • Provide collaborators with full information about sales products.
  • Commit to the benefits and interests of collaborators to ensure transparency.


  • When CTV violates the terms of this policy, affecting the interests of customers, interests and image of the Company or intentionally violates many times, do not cooperate with the Company even though the Company has reminded but do not learn from experience and overcome, correct mistakes.
  • When the collaborator has no revenue for 6 consecutive months.
  • When the CTV actively proposes to stop participating in the CTV program.
  • When an individual no longer meets the conditions for registration of a collaborator as specified above.
  • When collaborators violate the regulations or engage in other acts that affect their own social prestige and personal image, leading to acts of smearing, boycotting ... of society.
  • When Tottosi decided to stop the entire  Channel sales program after paying the commissions as agreed.
  • Upon termination of the CTV rights, Tottosi Co., Ltd. is responsible for paying the entire outstanding balance that has not yet been paid to the CTV. All other rights of CTV will be revoked by Tottosi.

Contact us:

Phone: +84.909537955

Thank you very much! Looking forward to cooperation and development.

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